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Cambodian Tiger FC Introduces Analysis System for Soccer Matches, the ‘Football Analyzer’ « Institute for Future Asian Football
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2015/11/23 | Cambodia

Cambodian Tiger FC Introduces Analysis System for Soccer Matches, the ‘Football Analyzer’

A Cambodian soccer club, which is owned by a Japanese, will introduce ‘FootballHotzone Analyzer’. It is a software by Data Stadium Inc. that analyzes soccer matches. It connects all sorts of data to the clips, so that performance of players and a team can be fully analyzed. For instance, it shows trajectory of a ball and game stats. Moreover, it acquires not only data of plays but also data of time. You can link the data to clips, to extract only the scenes you want to play later on.

There are mainly two advantages to introduce this software. The first one is to strengthen the team strategy. With specific data, you are able to look back at the games objectively and rationally. Looking back not only with subjective analysis of staffs and players themselves, but also with subjective numbers that data shows, it will be easier to deepen the comprehension of their performance and strategies. The second advantage is that it improves accuracy and proficiency of publicity activities. Because you can easily extract a specific play and also draw lines or add texts on clips, it enriches the editing works of clips and increases efficiency of it. Cambodian Tiger FC has a unique program; they live-broadcast their matches and talk-shows on Nikoniko Channel (http://ch.nicovideo.jp/cambodian-tiger). They say they would like to use this software diligently for their publicity activities like this program.


Even in J-League (Japanese League), not all the clubs are using this kind of game-analyzing software. Right now, FIFA ranking of national Cambodian team is 186th. This innovative activity may accelerate the evolution of Cambodian soccer sellhouse-asis, which has been getting lively rapidly these days.